Serta EZ Tote Mattress

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Bring home the trusted comfort of Serta® in our smallest carton ever.

Comfort has never been more convenient. The new 8” Serta® Sheer Slumber™ EZ Tote mattress delivers quality comfort to your front door in our smallest carton ever. We’ve combined cooling Serta® Gel Memory Foam with our durable Serta® Foam Core for cool, supportive comfort that keeps you in dreamland all night long. Step up to the 10” Serta® Sheep Retreat™ EZ Tote mattress for an added layer of Serta® Transitional Support Foam so you can get that sleep-til-noon rest you’ve always wanted. Simply unpack, unroll, and unwind!


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Serta® Gel Memory Foam

Serta® Transitional Support Foam

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